Thu. May 19th, 2022

When going to Malaga for a holiday, one of the best things you can do is to join in the Segway tours in Malaga. The Segway is a highly-advanced self-balancing scooter that will allow tourists to zip in and around the city. During your tour, you’ll visit the top attractions in Malaga, that includes the Alcazaba de Málaga Cathedral and Jardin Botanico-Historico La Concepción. There are many tours for you to choose from. You can go for the family fun with Segway tours, night Segway tours, or bike tours. For those who wanted to go around on their own, check out the bike rentals in Malaga to rent your vehicle.

For people who are not confident with riding a Segway, there are several other means for you to explore. If you love cruising around, then there are cruise & boat tours in Malaga. But for those who prefer to explore in foot, the walking tours in Malaga would be the best option. Regardless of the tour you will book, you are guaranteed to have fun and learn a lot of things since these tours will come with an expert guide.

Venturing outside Malaga is possible if you book the day trips & excursions. These are private day tours with a car and a driver who will drive you to your destination in the most convenient manner. Tripindicator is a website run by expert travelers. We wanted to help our fellow travelers in planning a trip by recommending the best tours and experiences.

MallorcaSegway Sights Tours Experince

The Segway tours in Mallorca are just like the traditional sightseeing tours but with a twist. Instead of walking around the city to explore, those joining these tours will ride a Segway, a self-balancing personal vehicle, as they travel to the top attractions in Mallorca. These tours are very popular, and you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. You can go for the family fun with Segway tours if you’re traveling with the family, or choose the night Segway tours for a more exciting experience. There are also bike tours for those who prefer to ride a bike. And if you want to rent your own vehicles, check out the bike rentals in Mallorca.

Of course, there are other ways of exploring Mallorca than on a Segway. If you wanted to explore Mallorca by the coast, check out the cruise & boat tours in Mallorca. And if you’re someone who loves to walk around, there are walking tours in Mallorca that you can book. Regardless of the type of traveler that you are, there are many tours and activities that are waiting for you to do in Mallorca.

Venturing outside Mallorca is also possible. Check out the day trips & excursions to book your own private vehicle and visit places outside the city. Here at Tripindicator, we wanted to help independent travelers in planning for their trip. So we provide recommendations for the top tours and activities, and all you need to do is to compare.

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